Photo Restoration

Queen Elizabeth before and after.  From a photo found in my family’s belongings.  

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Bring me your old, wrinkled masses of photos, and I will take the “liberty” to restore them to like the day that they were taken. 

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Darla’s prices:

Basic restoration (Pilot) $10 each photo

Advanced restoration (Queen Elizabeth) $15 per photo

Ways to send me your old photos:

  • Take a picture of the picture, then:
  • Share them with me on One Drive, Google, or Dropbox.
  • Email the images to


  • Send on a flash drive.
  • Send original pics to me at my physical address. Email that you would like to send them, and I will get you my address ….I will treat your photos with the utmost care and mail them back to you within a week of receiving them.





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